Smart Home Devices Are Trending in the Northeast

Smart Home Devices Are Trending in the Northeast

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Sayeh Pezeshki

Smart home devices are becoming more popular around the U.S., such as in the Northeast. If you ask around, many homeowners in this region are excited about the possibilities offered by a smart home. This is because the technology makes their lives more automated and easy to manage, while also helping them make healthier choices. Here are a few smart home devices that are growing in popularity.

Garage controls made easy

There’s nothing worse than leaving the house and arriving at your destination, only to realize you might have left your garage door open. That’s where the home automation system that controls the garage from your phone is so handy. If you’re out at the store for a quick errand and realize you left the garage open, you don’t need to run home to fix it. Simply open the app and check the door with a few taps of your finger.

man holding iphone at coffee shop with macbook

Futuristic kitchen features

Many people would love to use a smart home device that encouraged them to eat healthy. Imagine a refrigerator that kept track of what you ate, or alerted you when you were out of an important item. Health should always be a priority, and a smart home can make life easier with these kinds of alerts. This would expand beyond the health apps to having your refrigerator or kitchen involved in maintaining your healthy lifestyle.

Added protection with glass break detectors

With the threat of major storms, such as blizzards and hurricanes, having a glass break detector is something folks in the Northeast can really use. Knowing if a window has broken can be a difference maker, whether it’s an intruder, animal or a branch that caused the break. On top of possible damage to your home during a storm, the last thing you want to worry about is the safety of your family or pets from broken glass.

The desire among Northeast residents for a smart home is growing. Many people hope that it won’t only help with security and safety, but with their overall health and well-being. As smart home devices evolve and more people switch to them, we’ll see a significant change in how people run homes in the near future.

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