sharing large multimedia files

sharing large multimedia files

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Ryan Foy

It can be tricky sharing large digital files between computers. When it comes to video, audio, and photography, the file size can get pretty large and make it extremely annoying and time consuming to get data from one person to another. Here are some tips to make the process a little less painful.

USB flash drive – The cost of data storage has gone down so much that you can get good-sized USB flash drives for not very much money. This is by far the fastest and easiest way to transfer large digital files. Just load everything up from one computer and then hand off the USB drive. They are so cheap these days that you can even get away with trading them around and not worry too much about getting them back.

Cloud Storage – You can always use shared folders in Dropbox to transfer files. When it comes to large files, like a 4GB video, sometimes the time it takes to upload and download can really be a hindrance, as well as the file size limitations on your cloud account. Recently, I have been using a service called ( to transfer large files. It is truly amazing, because there are no file size limitations and the uploading and downloading happens seamlessly. It is much faster than Dropbox and it even has a handy notification bar plugin that allows you to drag and drop from your desktop.

Apple Family Sharing ( – This service is new it iOS8 on your apple devices, and it allows for you to share all of your iTunes and app store purchases between family members. You just invite up to 6 members to your digital family, and then any movie, song, e-book or app that you purchase will automatically be available to everyone. It also allows family members to contribute to a family photo album and connects everyone’s iCloud accounts so that you can track each other’s whereabouts using “Find My Phone.” If you regularly buy your multimedia from Apple, this is the easiest it has ever been to share your purchases.