Secure Your Property With a Burglar Alarm

Secure Your Property With a Burglar Alarm

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Lori Popkewitz Alper

A detached property, such as a shed or garage, is perfect for extra storage or additional space for your home. It also provides privacy for homeowners who enjoy using their property without distraction, whether it’s an area acting as an art studio, workspace or just a place to watch a football game with friends.

However, detached properties are often more vulnerable to burglaries than the main property because homeowners overlook the importance of securing a space outside their home. Luckily, the installation of a burglar alarm can fix this issue and calm your nerves.

The ultimate defense for your property

Since a detached garage or additional space is generally located a short distance away from the main house, it’s more appealing to thieves or intruders. If you want to protect your possessions from potential thieves, consider installing a burglar alarm that sets off an alert when someone breaks glass to gain entry to the detached property. A full home security system can also provide the protection you need, safely guarding your family and any irreplaceable valuables.

Thieves break glass to gain entry.

Best practices to stay safe

For maximum security, check out a few steps you can take to deter intruders:

  • Keep your garage door closed, even when you’re home. Leaving a garage door open provides easy access to burglars who can quickly survey the space and take what they want.
  • Don’t leave a garage door controller in your vehicle when parking outside the garage. Burglars can break a car window and immediately gain access to everything inside your garage with the remote.
  • It’s easy to see through most garage windows. Take the time to frost or cover your garage windows to prevent burglars from checking if a vehicle is out for the day and scoping out what valuable items are available inside.
  • Invest in motion sensor lights. Motion detector lighting automatically lights up a dark space when there’s nearby motion, and they’re simple and cheap to install.
  • Install a burglar alarm system. Protecting your home includes protecting your garage. Garage doors are a common point of entry for thieves, and traditional burglar alarms don’t monitor your garage door or windows, especially in detached structures. A tilt sensor can tell when your garage door opens, and you can combine it with an advanced control panel to fully integrate the sensor with your home security system.

Treat your garage, whether detached or attached, as part of your home. By connecting a burglar alarm with your home security system and following these tips, you’ll deter potential intruders from entering both your home and your detached property, and best of all, you’ll know your home is safe.

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