Saving Space With Personal Cloud Storage

Saving Space With Personal Cloud Storage

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Andy Sowards

Everyone has heard of “The Cloud.” It’s inescapable these days as everyone looks to cut down on clutter and improve home organization. We hear about all the products that have been created from this revolution, such as personal cloud storage, smart devices and even self-driving cars. The cloud has given us the ability to spread information across the globe in a way that’s accessible to more people than ever before.

You’re probably thinking to yourself “How can the cloud help me at home?” It probably already is, and you just may not fully know it yet. We accumulate more data every day, and the cloud gives us a place to store it all. Here are just a few ways your home can be upgraded by the cloud:

Efficient records

The recent trend in digital storage is keeping your important paper records safe in digital format. This can be advantageous in many ways, the most important being that it’s more secure for your files. Scanning and storing your tax records, business documents or any important financial statements lets you to keep everything readily available and accessible. No more digging through your cabinets or physical folders looking for that one important document; they’re all in the same place. Not only does this save physical space in your home — clear out those boxes of receipts lying around — but it can even save your important documents from being destroyed in a fire or some other unfortunate event.

Dont lose data with a redundant cloud backup

More ‘Space’

Digitizing your physical files gives you more space in the home, but it gives you more digital computer drive space as well when you invest in an external storage device. The hard drives of the past — external or otherwise — were the best option available, but sometimes they would fail on us, leading to a devastating data loss. Losing important files, photos or videos is a special kind of tragedy as they can often never be recovered.

Thankfully, today’s external drives rely on the cloud for added convenience and safety, such as the Space Monkey cloud storage. Personal cloud storage drives like Vivint’s are changing the way we store our precious files and moments. The Space Monkey keeps memories safely tucked away in the cloud while giving you the peace of mind that they aren’t going to disappear because of a crashed drive.

Upgrade your digital life

Cloud storage doesn’t just make sense; it’s becoming necessary as hard drive space on modern laptops has diminished due to the increased speed (and cost) of solid state drives. Laptops are coming equipped with smaller drives expecting you to take advantage of the plentiful storage options available in the tech industry. If you upgrade your life, plan on adapting to the cloud. It’ll simplify the management of your files and clear up space around your home.

Utilizing the cloud at home

Better entertainment

Not only does cloud storage improve organization, but it makes our entertainment so much better. We can now store and share our files effortlessly across all our devices thanks to the cloud. Download a new movie, or want to check out that new album? Upload it to your cloud storage and pick it up on the go with your smartphone or tablet. File handoffs are part of the future of cloud file management, and we’ll only see more improvements as time goes on.

With services like Vivint’s Space Monkey cloud storage, homeowners can rest assured knowing their precious memories and files are stored securely on reliable servers.