Never Miss a Visitor

Never Miss a Visitor

Written By

Sarah Khandjian

Anyone getting excited about summer? I know I am! For me, summer can often be as busy as it can be relaxing. Between vacations, parties and work, summer can be a little hectic. If your home is like mine, that means lots of friends will be stopping by throughout the season. Between backyard barbecues, doggie playdates and neighbor visits, our home—and more particularly, our front porch— will be seeing a lot of visitors this season.

If your children’s friends are stopping by or your neighbor is popping in to say hello, you can now count on never missing them with a doorbell camera. Just like it sounds, a Vivint doorbell camera is a doorbell with a camera in it. It’s a super helpful, super small device that allows you to know exactly who is at your door when you’re both at home and away (like away at the beach!). But the technology doesn’t stop there, the camera features 2-way talk which means you can chat with the person at your front door from your home via your system panel, or from any where you may be via your mobile device. And it even has night vision so it works just as well in the dark as it does in the day light.

You can pair the doorbell camera with Vivint’s smart door lock and you’re able to let your guest in your home from anywhere. Now that’s definitely one way technology is making our homes, and our lives a little easier, isn’t it? So now that summer is approaching and the days are getting longer, it’s time to start thinking about all the goodness the season has to offer and not have to worry about missing someone when you’re away.