Never Home Alone with Vivint – Smoke Detector

Never Home Alone with Vivint – Smoke Detector

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Jessica Kopp

When it comes to awesome Christmas movies that you watch over and over again, year after year, it’s hard to find a classic better then Home Alone. It’s got a heart-warming message about family and togetherness and showcases an endless amount of silly pranks and booby traps. One of my favorite moments of the movies involves Kevin using a heater to make the doorknob blazing hot to keep the burglars out. While trying to break in, Harry, one of the Wet Bandit burglars, doesn’t notice the doorknob is glowing red, grabs it and holds on for a couple of seconds while his skin starts to sizzle and smoke. All of this pain causes him to loose his balance, slip on the icy stairs and, of course, fall down again.

In the real world Harry’s hand would have been burned and mangled so badly that heading around the house to the next door and eventually getting his head blowtorched wouldn’t be a possibility. Instead, he would have been on his way to a hospital and straight into surgery. And just in case Kevin forgets to take the heater off the doorknob, I hope he has Vivint smoke detectors installed. He’ll want to be notified immediately about his mistake so he doesn’t burn the whole house down before his parents finally make it back from Paris to rescue him.

The Vivint smoke detectors are a perfect addition to your home security system and would have been very helpful for Kevin. Not only do they monitor around the clock detecting smoke but they also use photoelectric detection technology to sense increases in heat. And there was definitely an increase in heat on that doorknob.

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