Never Home Alone with Vivint – Glass Break

Never Home Alone with Vivint – Glass Break

Written By

Jessica Kopp

When my husband and I got married, his mother gave me a large box full of ornaments she had been collecting for my husband over the last 20+ years. Some of them were cheeky and silly and depicted years worth of favorite movies and cartoon characters. Others were beautiful, hand-painted, one-of-a-kind works of art from all over the world. I was excited to decorate my tree with them and looked forward every year to admiring them nestled among the lights on the Christmas tree.

I’ll never forget the chilly December night when I was startled wide awake by a large thud and the sound of glass breaking in the family room. Having recently watched Home Alone I knew exactly what was going on. It was Christmas time. I was alone. It must be burglars trying to break into my house. Unlike Kevin McCallister, who acted quickly by setting booby-traps and tricking the burglars, I just peaked around the corner and realized I was not under attack. No burglars, just a toppled Christmas tree and broken ornaments. I was grateful it wasn’t thieves in the night, but sad so many glass ornaments didn’t make it through the ordeal.

Years later, with a Vivint system installed in my home, I have peace of mink knowing the the glass break sensors work acoustically and are tuned to pick up the frequency at which glass breaks. It allows me to sleep soundly at night even with an entire wall of windows in my kitchen because I know I’ve got maximum coverage and sensing. With my system, I’ll never mistake a fallen tree for a burglar again.

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