Never Home Alone with Vivint (Door Lock)

Never Home Alone with Vivint (Door Lock)

Written By

Derek Kopp

Preparing to leave home, especially with our kids, usually consists of checklists within checklists within checklists. It’s not enough to say, “Pack the kids suitcases.” The contents of those suitcases must be detailed so that we don’t forget underwear, swimsuits, or (heaven forbid!) one of the boys’ blankies.

The same applies to making sure the house is ready to sit empty for awhile. We always try to remember to take the garbage is out and keep the sink free of dishes so we don’t come home to flies and a ferocious stench. We check all the doors to keep the pets out of the bedrooms because nothing is worse than coming home to a pillow full of cat hair or dog smell. Those checks are part of the exit routine, but there are a few other details that we worry less about now that we have a Vivint SmartHome system.

For instance, we don’t ever worry about whether or not the house is secure. Before we even set the alarm when leaving, the system makes sure that the doors are locked. So if the alarm is set, you know the door is locked. Sometimes we have to summon our inner McCallisters and run out of the house at double time with montage music playing in the background. If that happens, we still don’t worry about home security because we can bring up the Vivint SmartHome app on our phones and verify whether the doors are locked. If they aren’t, we just use the app to lock them and set the alarm.

While we’re gone, the keypad entry on the door lock makes it really easy to allow neighbors access to the house when needed. I just grant them access through the Vivint SmartHome app. I have it set up so that unlocking the door via the key pad disarms the entire alarm system. On the way out, the neighbor just hits the lock button on the keypad and the system is re-armed. I can also set up notifications to be sent to me anytime the door is unlocked or left unlocked for an extended period of time.

The Vivint SmartHome door lock provide lots of peace of mind even when we aren’t leaving home. We set them to automatically lock at a certain time every evening so that we can enjoy our time at home, feeling secure. Enter to win your own Vivint SmartHome system by visiting to get details.