Neighbor Day – Smart Door Locks

Neighbor Day – Smart Door Locks

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Sarah Khandjian

There’s something to be said about having great neighbors. They are people you can count on, grow with, and do life together with. They keep an eye on your home when you’re away, they water your garden, walk your dog, and bring over homemade sweets. Why not celebrate them today and let them know how much you appreciate neighboring with them! Bake them a batch of homemade cookies or even post a kind note to their door.

Technology has made neighboring even easier. If your neighbor needs you to pick up their mail, walk their dog, or watch their children for a bit you no longer have to worry about keeping keys to their place. If they use Vivint home automation, then all they need to do is create a door passcode for you. This only takes a minute to set up and they can even do it right from their phone or tablet. Now if they forgot to take that casserole out of the oven, you can pop in right away—no keys necessary! This means you don’t have to worry about getting keys made for your neighbors and finding a time to meet up with them to hand them out.

With a smart door lock, you also don’t need to worry about giving your neighbors your own personal passcode. You can create a unique passcode for each neighbor and easily enable and disable their access right from your mobile devices. You can even receive a notification on your mobile devices so you know when they arrive at your home.

How do you use technology to neighbor?