Military Families: Staying Connected While Far Away

Military Families: Staying Connected While Far Away

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Deborah Abrams Kaplan

Military families make so many sacrifices for their country. When a loved one’s in the military, they’ve often been stationed far away from their family, whether in another state or across the ocean. Those serving have many concerns while they’re gone, including their family’s security and not being able to see their kids grow. Communication is important for morale and to feel close while far away.

Fortunately, military families are in a better position than past generations. Technology makes it easier to stay in touch using cameras, mobile devices and computers. Plus, these updated systems increase the safety and security of those left behind. Here are a few ways that military families can stay connected through automation, so they don’t miss out on day-to-day happenings.

Video calling

It's important to be able to see and talk to your spouse who is serving in the militaryIn terms of regular communication, probably the most satisfying thing to military families is speaking to each other through a video call. In past generations, letters served the purpose of sharing thoughts, feelings and family updates, but those took weeks to arrive. Written descriptions can be great, but for a person in the military, hearing a voice and seeing a person’s reactions can boost their spirits and make them feel like they’re not so far away. Those on the homefront will also feel assured that their loved one in the military is safe.

Indoor cameras

Military parents want to keep their kids safe while away on dutyHome automation has advanced to the point where those in the military can get a view of what’s happening at home using indoor cameras. These cameras are an optional part of home automation and security systems, but they’re easy to install and use. They’re also great for the parent who’s working and wants to check on the kids at home. Using a dedicated mobile app or logging in on the computer, the parent stationed away from home can still see the kids playing, all thanks to this technology. It doesn’t have to disturb the kids either, as the app can be used whenever it’s convenient. Sometimes, even watching a child sleep is peaceful.

Sense of security

With a home security system, the military member will know the family is safely protected. Using the Vivint Sky app, for example, the family member will know that the home alarm is on and the doors are locked. While there’s certainly no need to open the garage door or see who rang the doorbell while serving overseas, it’s still an option with the power of home automation technology.

Vivint supports military families and wants to make sure the nation’s servicemen and servicewomen know that those back home care about their sacrifices. Vivint offers a special military policy to care for our active servicemembers.

Contact a representative today if you’re in the military and want to learn more about what Vivint can do for you.