sprinkler automation: making your sprinklers system work better for you

sprinkler automation: making your sprinklers system work better for you

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Alix Adams

I remember when I was a kid and, every day in the summer, my mom would water our entire yard with a hose and sprinkler head attachment. For me, it was like having a personalized water park! I would pull on my swimsuit and run through the cascading drops of water for hours. For my mom, I imagine, it was quite a task to burden. Rotating the sprinkler, timing how long it watered each area, and ensuring coverage over every spec of grass seems like a consuming summer chore indeed. Today, however, many of us are lucky enough to have an automated sprinkler system. This system includes a control box that may be adjusted to water specific zones for specific lengths of time at specific hours on specific days. That’s pretty specific. Here are a few tips on how to utilize your nifty automated sprinkler system the best you can for your lawn!

– Before you set up your water schedule you should do a couple things first:

– Every Automated Sprinkler system comes with a control box. A cheap control box may lead to future system problems, so it may be worth it to    invest in a higher quality control box.

– Turn on all your sprinklers and make sure you are getting proper head-to- head coverage. This means that the area that each sprinkler head covers is overlapping with another area that another sprinkler head covers, ensuring no dry spots.

– Also, you will want to check that each zone of your lawn (sprinklers are installed to cover zones or sections of your lawn) is getting enough water pressure to cover the entire zone.

– When to water:

Watering between the hours of 8:00AM and 7:00PM is not efficient watering. When you water during the daytime hours while the sun is out the water evaporates before reaching the grass roots. For water conservation purposes you will want to water between the hours of 8:00PM and 7:00AM

– How often to water:

–  A good way to tell how often you need to water is to do a little experiment: step on your grass and if it pops right back up it’s an indication you are overwatering and can water less.

– Remember, overwatering is more dangerous to your lawn’s health than under watering.

A great basic schedule to start with (and then adjust for your needs) is to water 2 times a day for 30-40 minutes in each zone.

–  If your grass looks like it’s dying and water supply is not a concern, add more days to your watering schedule.

– Sometimes there is a drought and you are required to water less. Just make sure you water during your designated days. You can also feed your grass with a turf-builder fertilizer that makes your grass retain moisture longer.

Happy watering! Now go frolic through your sprinklers at 3:00AM!