innovation round-up

innovation round-up

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Kait Kucy

While we might not be quite at Jetsons level of innovation yet, there are some pretty awesome gadgets out there for the tech-savvy guy or gal. I pulled together a list of my favorite new products that are making waves in technology, style, and all-around coolness.

  1. The photographer on the go is always looking for new ways to protect their prized camera which is why Pampered Paparazzi caught my eye. These super slim neoprene camera and lens cases are the perfect solution to heavy camera bag woes. Package up your camera in one of these and it is good to go inside your purse, backpack, or duffel bag. Still use with care of course, but now you can rest at ease that your beloved snapster won’t be getting banged up with your notebooks and pens.
    Bright Orange Neoprene DSLR Camera Case, $39.99
  2. Another fun photography-related purchase, this white Samsung digital camera is a great alternative to your traditional DSLR. Not only is it super stylish and compact, but it also has Wi-fi! That’s right, you can upload photos straight to the web from your camera. This changes everything.
    20.3 Megapixel Compact System White Camera, $449.99
  3. Okay, this virtual keyboard is definitely for the gadget junkie who has everything. Like, seriously, a keyboard that is projected on to the table? This just maybe slightly Jetsons level technology. And for just over $100, it seems like a totally reasonable purchase for someone who has a portable workplace.
    Celluon Magic Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard, $118
  4. A beauty innovation at last! This curling iron is changing things for wavy hair all over the place. The barrel of the curling iron turns left to right depending on what side of your head you are curling. You can also adjust the temperature ensuring you have the perfect curls for your hair type!
    Sarah Potempa’s The Beachwaver Curling Iron, $199
  5. Tablets aren’t anything new, but I am loving the innovations behind the new Microsoft Surface tablet. Visually, it is such a great tool for anyone working in the creative field—quite obviously a favorite for bloggers. Working on the go has never been so easy with a tablet like this that keeps your projects organized and has you connected even when your surface is asleep.
    Microsoft Surface 32GB, $550.99

Do you have any new innovations you are dying to share with us?  Leave them in the comments!