how to never forget anything cool you see on the internet

how to never forget anything cool you see on the internet

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Jessica Harris

Last year when I planned my wedding, I knew a few things from the get-go: I knew I wanted it to be beautiful and rustic, I knew I was on a tight budget, and I knew I needed lots of inspiration from other people to eliminate the use of a wedding planner and still pull it off.

I started following blogs like Green Wedding Shoes, Ruffled, Once Wed and Style Me Pretty to gather ideas. Each time I found a post with something I adored, I’d save a photo from the post to a folder on my computer labeled “wedding.” This became a problem quickly though because every time I went back to a certain photo and wanted to see more from that specific blog post, I couldn’t, for the life of me, remember where in the world I found it originally. Enter Pinterest.

Pinterest literally saved my sanity during the wedding planning process. Instead of having to manually save each photo to my hard drive, I could “pin” the idea on a pinboard. Pinning allowed me to go back to that specific post and read all the details about that bride’s theme, her DIY tips, ways she saved money, and vendors she used; the picture I pinned gave me a link right back to the original post. And then, as if that wasn’t enough, I found out I could follow all my friends and re-pin any ideas they had pinned! The cherry on the top: the iPhone app. Once I discovered that Pinterest had an iPhone app too, I was totally addicted.

Now that my wedding has come and gone (and yes, my whole wedding was planned on Pinterest) I still pin obsessively. In fact, I have, to date, pinned 1,924 ideas, funny sayings, tips on housecleaning, pictures of cute babies, recipes, stylish outfits, hairstyles, ideas for my kitchen remodel, along with a whole slew of other random stuff. 505 of my friends follow me on Pinterest, meaning they see everything I pin, and I follow (steal ideas from) 331 Pinterest friends.

At a recent conference for bloggers held in Salt Lake City, the founder of Pinterest Ben Silbermann said, “Pinterest should inspire you to go out and do the things you love!”  It’s certainly done that for me. If you’re looking for an incredibly convenient and fun way to save and categorize ideas you find and love online, whether that includes places to vacation, ideas on raising kids, cars you love, outfits you covet or foods you crave, this site is for you.