How to Make Your Windows as Energy Efficient and as Safe as Possible

How to Make Your Windows as Energy Efficient and as Safe as Possible

Written By

Heather Mildenstein

The hours of warming sunshine are getting shorter, the colors on the leaves are changing and with this time of year our minds start trying to come up with ways  to stay warm!  One of the biggest culprits of heat stealing are those beautiful windows that can let in such light and warmth.  We’ve got a few pointers for you on things steps you can take to making your existing windows more energy-efficient.


Double-glazing is the obvious solution, but can be quite expensive.  There are other simple and relatively inexpensive things to do to improve the energy efficiency of your windows.


  1. Clean the glass and surrounding area of your windows, making it possible for subsequent treatments.
  2. Locate gaps:  shine a flashlight around the edges at night; use a lit incense stick to detect drafts; close the window on a piece of paper — if you can pull it out  without tearing it the window is not shutting properly.
  3. Caulk the gaps and cracks around the windows.  If you are caulking from outside, an elastic, silicon-based caulk is more durable, although it doesn’t take paint as well. Squirt caulk into each gap; a caulk gun produces the smoothest results, but a squeeze tube may be adequate for small jobs. In either case, make sure the caulk fills the entire crack. Smooth the caulk and remove the excess with a putty or butter knife, or a slightly damp sponge.
  4. As pretty as blinds are, heavy curtains are much more energy efficient.  One way to make a difference in any drafts that may still be coming in is to draw the curtains whenever you are not in the room; this keeps heat in during the colder months, and out during the hotter ones. .

Now that you’ve taken care of your window energy-efficiency, it’s time to take care of your safety!  There are some wonderful ways to feel safe and secure now.  Vivint now has small, unobtrusive devices which can be installed on both sides of windows and doors — so little you’ll hardly even notice them.

“When your system is armed and a door or window is opened, they send a signal alert to your touchscreen panel, and then alert the monitoring station of a break-in immediately.”

Let this be “the year” that you finally save money and energy that’s going, literally, out the window, and feel warm and cozy in the knowledge that you’re safe, besides!