How Smart Thermostats Can Improve Your Comfort and Safety

How Smart Thermostats Can Improve Your Comfort and Safety

Written By

Matthew Iacopelli

Thermostats have come a long way since they were first invented. Today, smart thermostats can regulate the temperature to an exact degree, and these modern devices have revolutionized the capabilities of controlling the environment in your home.

In the short time smart thermostats have existed on the market, they’ve undergone big improvements. Now, the latest technology, including the Vivint Element, can accomplish more than just regulating the temperature in your home.

Smart thermostat improvements

Wi-Fi-connected thermostats can improve your life with convenience and ease of use. For example, recent improvements grant you the ability to control the temperature in your home without even touching the thermostat. Connect your Vivint Element Thermostat to Amazon Echo, and you can change the temperature settings by simply using your voice. You don’t need to stop watching your favorite television show; just say the words from your favorite spot on the couch and enjoy the perfect temperatures.

Heads-up alerts

Via a mobile device, you can control the temperature and the settings of your smart thermostat, and you can also choose to receive alerts through push notifications if a problem arises. For example, if the temperatures drop too low and a pipe bursts, a smart thermostat will alert you, so you can remedy the issue and prevent any bigger problems. You can also set up alerts for your furnace. If it’s too hot, stops working or needs maintenance, your phone will notify you as soon as possible.

Combining technology

Your smart thermostat may improve your life, but this technology has the potential to save your life, as well. If you own any other smart devices, such as a smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector, you can connect them with your thermostat to communicate with each other.

For instance, if your smart detector senses smoke or carbon monoxide, it can send a signal to the thermostat, which will turn off the furnace to stop the spread of deadly fumes throughout your home, potentially saving your family in an emergency.

Additionally, if you’re away from home, a smart thermostat will notice and tell your smart dryer to keep the clothes you forgot about fresh and wrinkle-free. If you’re home, your thermostat can notify the dryer to switch to quiet mode, so you’re not disrupted by a noisy dryer. You can also combine your thermostat with a motion sensor or smart camera, so when you’re away, the thermostat will lower the temperature and turn on alerts.

The power of preference

Smart thermostats can learn your preferences, allowing you to stay comfortable without changing your thermostat manually. When you set up preferences for when you’re home, away, asleep or on vacation, making adjustments is quick and easy.

For a long time, thermostats were only seen as devices for regulating temperature. However, with modern improvements, this new breed of thermostats goes beyond keeping you comfortable. Now, thermostats can keep you safe by alerting you and your family before a major issue occurs. The future of smart thermostats will continue to improve our lives without us even thinking about it.

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