How Geofencing is Upgrading the Smart Home

How Geofencing is Upgrading the Smart Home

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Andy Sowards

With all the innovation going on in the smart home space, it can be hard to keep up with. Geofencing is gaining popularity as its potential becomes better understood in the industry.

What is it?

You can think of geofencing like an invisible fence serving as a virtual perimeter. With it, you can draw around any location on a map and trigger actions from your smartphone when you enter that location through an app. Thanks to GPS being so prevalent in our lives, gadgets are making our smart homes aware of our location. The benefits of this technology aren’t apparent right away, but it’ll make automating our homes much easier, especially for security, productivity and entertainment.

Smarter security

With this technology, managing access to our homes through smart locks will be further simplified. We’ll be able to lock up our homes with ease, and some units may secure the house on its own after we leave. This type of automation really frees us to make the decisions in life that matter. It’s the major way we’ll connect our homes to the technology of tomorrow.

Many smart gadgets take advantage of the geofence idea. Some smart lock devices use geofencing to detect your proximity to your house and locks/unlocks within 100 yards of your presence. You can expect to see this tech move into other parts of home security, such as cameras or motion detectors. Know that your home is protected the second you walk out of your geofence range.

Geofencing technology in smartlock and security applications

Smarter automation

Security isn’t the only place taking advantage of this breakthrough. The comforts of the home just got more comfortable. We see this tech currently trending in the latest smart thermostats, allowing users to simply walk into their geofence and have the comfort settings activate to heat or cool the home to their preferences automatically. Imagine coming home and having a fresh pot of coffee ready for you in the afternoon, or having the TV automatically on with your favorite shows playing. Something as simple as having the lights turn on in the house upon your arrival makes life much easier. It’s the simple things that matter. This is the future.

Intelligent entertainment

The geofence isn’t just practical to use in the home. You can also enjoy its effects on the go. Many retailers are using this tech to get you the best deal possible when you’re in their store. Expect to see this application used with other fun stuff. There could be special offers where you enter a store and get to enjoy a special game on your phone, or maybe even a scavenger hunt in the store to get a better deal or a prize.

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