How Echo and Vivint Extend Home Automation to the Entire House

How Echo and Vivint Extend Home Automation to the Entire House

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Deborah Abrams Kaplan

Those who use Amazon Echo at home quickly learn that the device does so much more than just play music: It makes home automation easy and reliable. With Echo, you can make grocery lists, get directions, check traffic and weather info, play games, set timers and add items to your calendar.

But one of Echo’s greatest advantages is it also connects to many features on Vivint’s SkyControl panel. Here are some examples of how Echo and Vivint combine to make home automation simpler than ever.

Smart thermostat

A smart thermostat is one you can adjust from your mobile device, but you can also control your home’s temperature using Echo. The Element thermostat allows you to change its settings whether or not you’re home, helping you save energy.

On Echo, use your voice to control the temperature. The mobile app lets you create settings for various scenarios, such as vacation, nighttime and whether you’re home or out during the day. The notifications panel on the app will suggest changing the settings when it determines that you might be away for the day or on vacation. By changing the temperature based on what’s going on in your home, you can use only the energy you need and keep your bills low.

Garage door

Do you ever leave the house and wonder later on if the garage door is still open? Just like a water kettle left boiling, an open garage door is a safety issue. Fortunately, home automation makes it easy to fix the problem.

When you connect your garage door to an automation system, you can check whether the door is open or closed while you’re on the road. You can also check from Echo while you’re inside the house. If it’s not in the position you want, you can tell Echo’s Alexa to open or close it.


Smart lighting

Your hands are dirty from cooking, or you’re in the middle of watching a movie, but you need those lights dimmed. What do you do? Using home automation, you can tell the Echo to dim or turn the lights on or off. Voila — the lighting is now controlled using the sound of your voice. No more using your elbows while dripping food down your arms or needing to wash your hands in the middle of the food prep just to adjust the lights.

Door locks

Let’s say you’re busy inside the house, playing with the kids or reading a book. It’s getting late, and you want to make sure the doors are locked after a day of the kids running in and out the back door. Or maybe you need to unlock the doors when your spouse is coming in with piles of groceries, but it’s not convenient to run downstairs to do it yourself.

Home automation to the rescue! By connecting your smart door locks to Echo, you can check and change your door-lock status with just your voice.

Security system

If you hear a noise outside while you’re home alone, you can make sure the alarm is activated using Echo. Use your voice commands to enable your home security system or check its status before investigating the source of the noise.

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