How Does Voice Command Simplify Home Automation?

How Does Voice Command Simplify Home Automation?

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Andy Sowards

Home automation has been improved by devices that support voice command. Controlling your home with your voice is a game-changer. Here are just a few ways voice control enhances home management.

Truly hands-free tasks

Voice control really changes the kitchen game when it comes to convenience and life enhancement. Imagine trying to get a big dinner ready for your kids or your house guests without any free hands. Need to know how many ounces are in a cup, or how many calories are in that cup of rice? Just ask your digital assistant, which knows the answer due to its swift access the Internet. Look up anything without being at a computer or typing on your phone. You can even use your voice to set timers for the food you’re cooking, and soon you’ll outsource even more tasks with your voice.

Kitchen hands free voice controlled smarthome

Enjoy better entertainment

Whether you’re still in the kitchen or another area of your home, you can use your voice to enhance your entertainment experiences. It’s all about convenience and experience. It’s nice to be able to just talk to your music library and play songs with a single command — you don’t even have to look for those tracks anymore. While a song is loading, you can audibly command your smart home system to dim the lights, giving you a more relaxing setting in the living room.

Start living simply

Voice-controlled home automation is all about the latest tech being a digital assistant in your home. We’re just getting started as devices are now starting to integrate with this tech. In the coming years, we’ll see revolutionary ways to use this software in the home and out in the real world. We’re entering a renaissance where humans are finally learning how to use technology to free themselves from simple, everyday tasks that can be spoken out of our to-do lists.

It’s time to let your voice be heard in the home. Contact Vivint today for more information!