How Can Smart Devices With Voice Control Improve Home Management?

How Can Smart Devices With Voice Control Improve Home Management?

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Ellen Christian

Smart devices are a busy person’s best friend. They can make life easier, and save you time and money. There are hundreds of smart devices on the market that can control everything from your pet’s feeding dish to your lawn sprinklers. They’re often designed to work with your smartphone for on-demand access no matter where you are. The latest wave of intelligent devices are those controlled by voice. It’s the next big thing in the smart device market.

Alarm clock

There’s no more need to wake up and fumble with your alarm clock to hit the snooze button. A voice-controlled alarm clock can be turned off and on by the sound of your voice. It can also tell you about the latest news, the weather and even the stock market information.

Home assistant

There are several voice-controlled home assistants on the market, such as the Amazon Echo. They can do a bit of everything including play music, check the weather, answer simple questions and even dim your lights.

Smart thermostats

Not only can a smart thermostat learn your heating and cooling preferences, but several can be controlled by voice as well as through an app on your smartphone. You can stick with the basic digital option for indoor temperature, or you can go a bit more high-tech and have your thermostat tell you the outdoor temperature and humidity, as well.

Remote controls

You won’t have to worry about flipping channels to find your favorite movies and television programs any longer. With the new voice-activated remote controls, you can simply tell your television what channel, genre, actor or movie you want to watch and it’ll respond to your voice commands.


There’s no more need to fumble with the light switch while your hands are full of groceries. With the latest wave of smart lights, you can turn the lights on and off with a simple command. There are several voice-controlled light bulbs on the market, or you can control your smart lights using the Amazon Echo.

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