Homework Helpers

Homework Helpers

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Jessica Kopp

Now that my kids are a couple weeks into the school year the homework is really starting to roll in. Every night is full of papers, assignments, projects and reading. Keeping it all organized is a major task and I’m so grateful for the variety of apps available.. With over 1500 homework apps currently in the app store students can find help in all areas of homework including planning and organizing classes, managing tests and assignments, creating timetables and tracking homework and taking notes.

Here are some of my top picks for homework and study apps to keep kids organized, focused and ready to learn.


This is a great option for students who forget to write down assignments or turn them in on time. This free student planner is simple, beautiful and reliable is easy to use and works without a network connection.


If you struggle to organize notes and papers, Evernote is exactly what you are looking for. It gives you the ability to capture and store everything —including online articles, handwritten notes, checklists, research and photos — in one easy-to-sort place that syncs between all your devices.


PhotoMath is the world’s smartest camera calculator. Just point your phone camera to a math problem and it will instantly display the answer with detailed step-by-step explanation.

The Homework App

Homework app allows students to add, view and complete their homework. It provides them with an easy to use calendar and reminders to organize their tasks on a daily, monthly or early basis.

iStudiez Pro

Students, teachers and parents love this app. It organizes complicated schedules, prioritizes homework, receives notifications and even tracks grades.


ChoreMonster can make homework fun by engaging and rewarding your student. This easy-to-manage app allows parent to set up assignments and students to earn rewards and monsters.

Now if only there were an app to make homework more fun and less stressful.