Haunted Home Automation

Haunted Home Automation

Written By

Sarah Khandjian

Home automation isn’t just about remotely controlling your lights, thermostat, home security system, and doorbell (although those are all pretty awesome!). It’s about customizing tools to fit your needs to make your life a little simpler and more efficient. But one thing I bet you’ve never thought about is how to customize all your devices to help you make the best and spookiest Halloween display ever.

Start with your doorbell camera, which automatically detects motion by your front door. With it’s night vision, you’ll be able to spot trick or treats before the even knock. If you’re looking to greet (or spook) them, use the 2-way talk feature to project some haunted noises through the built in mic and speaker.

If you love decorating your front porch or even your home with Halloween themed lights you can plug them in and then forget them with a lighting control module. After you set up your lights, plug them into a lighting module then open the Vivint app to create a custom schedule so the lights turn on and off daily at a specific time. No more having to get up in the middle of the night wondering if you unplugged the holiday lights.

You can also use the small appliance controls to turn on manage the power that your spooky decor uses. If you have ghosts, goblins or skeletons that pop up when motion is detected, plug those into a appliance control so you can schedule when they are active. This will help save some energy and prevent your decorations from giving the mail man a good scare!

How will you use your smart control system to create a custom, haunted home this Halloween?