grilling like a boss

grilling like a boss

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Derek Kopp

I love Sundays in the summer. It’s a great time to have some folks over for a lazy afternoon of grilling and chilling. The only problem for me is that I’m not the best griller in the world. I’m getting better, but it would be a stretch to say that I have the foggiest idea what I’m doing out there.

Usually I start out early with a thorough cleaning to remove the remains of the previous grilling debacle followed by an oh-so-tender preheating. I take my carefully-marinated and lovingly-tenderized meat out and place it on the grill to start cooking. Then I come back in the house, strike up a conversation and completely forget about the grill. By the time I remember and get back out there, I’ve usually managed to completely dry out and/or scorch the food. My polite friends keep coming back but I think it’s because they manage to fill up on the side dishes they bring.

I’ve recently discovered that there are options for space cadets like me. The simplest solution is to use the camera from my Vivint to keep an eye on things. I can bring the feed up on my phone and have it open in front of me at all times as a reminder that the fate of our dinner is resting on my shoulders. I can also use the camera to keep an eye on the grill thermometer to make sure things aren’t getting out of hand out there. Very handy.

Another over the top but completely awesome solution is a wifi-enabled grill monitor like the BBQ Guru CyberQ WiFi Smoker Pit Controller. Yes, this is a real thing. Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, every man who reads this is going to seriously consider it. The CyberQ is a WIFI controller that has probes for monitoring both the grill temperature as well as food temperature. You can access the control and status information via the web and even receive email notifications when things need your attention. Apparently it also hooks up to a fan you can install as well so that it will regulate the grill temperature for you.

There’s nothing like flinging open a grill lid to be greeted with billowing flames and smoke. It appeals to the fire-fighter fantasy that we all had as kids and still harbor. But then, when the adrenaline has died down, we have to eat whatever we just torched on that grill. With some high tech tweaks, you can make sure that your grilling is fierce on the outside but tender in the middle.