gas prices to go as high as $6 per gallon this summer

gas prices to go as high as $6 per gallon this summer

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Jessica Harris

We all know that gas prices are soaring. In fact, according to Business Week, the average cost of a gallon of gas as of today (April 4, 2012) is $3.92. And that’s not the worst part. The Chicago Tribune predicts that gas prices could go as high as $6 over the course of the summer.

My husband is a contractor, so he drives a truck. I practically throw up in my mouth every time we go to the gas station because he only gets 14 miles to the gallon, which means we’re paying more than $100 every time we fill up. And that’s with gas prices at $3.68 per gallon. So naturally we’ve been talking about ways that we can drive less and/or get better gas mileage. His grand idea is to buy a motorcycle, but here are some ideas that are probably a little more practical.


  • Take public transportation whenever possible
  • Carpool
  • Walk
  • Ride a bike


  • Combine trips so you only have to go once
  • Plan your routes in advance


  • Make sure your tires are inflated to the correct levels
  • Get your alignment done
  • Get an annual engine tune-up
  • Change your spark plugs
  • Replace your air filter regularly
  • Use synthetic oil; it can help you save 5% on your fuel consumption
  • Check your gas cap
  • Remove snow tires during the warmer seasons


  • Take the first parking spot you can find
  • Turn the air conditioning off or use it sparingly
  • Avoid warming your engine up in the mornings when it’s cold outside
  • Keep your windows closed on the highway
  • Park in the shade
  • Avoid idling (restarting your car is the equivalent of idling for 6 seconds)
  • Remove excess weight from your trunk
  • Avoid putting luggage on the top of your car



  • Drive more slowly; high speeds equal more drag, which means worse gas mileage
  • Accelerate slowly
  • Drive at a consistent speed
  • Don’t use cruise control on hilly or steep highways
  • Lay off the breaks (don’t drive with your foot on the brakes)


  • Purchase gas during the coolest times of day; it’s most dense when it’s cool
  • Don’t overfill—gas that spills is gas that’s wasted
  • Buy a smaller car
  • Consider a credit card that gives you rewards for gas purchases

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