file sharing in the cloud

file sharing in the cloud

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Ryan Foy

Sometimes you need to send a large file to someone over the Internet. Email attachment size limits can be a big problem if your file is larger than a few megabytes. Here are a few services that allow for easy transfer of documents and data over the web.

JustBeamIt allows you to upload a single file up to 2GB in size to their site, and then gives you a download link with a ten-minute window for your recipient to retrieve the file. The short time frame is great if you are working directly with someone and they need a file right away. This is one of the most hassle-free services out there since there is no need to register or login to use it.

I love Dropbox and try and get all my friends to join. (It does help that for every friend you sign up, you get an extra 250MB of storage.) Dropbox gives you 2GB of cloud storage for free with lots of opportunities to increase your allotment. It has an incredible web interface that automatically syncs with your local machine. For transferring files, all you have to do is upload whatever you want to share, and Dropbox will give you a download link to that particular file. Alternatively, if you need to send multiple files, you can share an entire folder with someone and you will both have access.  Dropbox is great for ongoing projects because all changes are synced and backed up, and you get a notification anytime a file is added or altered within your folder. Perfect for sharing videos with family, collaborating on a project with friends, or setting it up so every photo you snap with your smartphone gets automatically saved to your computer.

Proceed at your own risk with this site, as it is still in beta and its creators are still involved in copyright infringement lawsuits over digital piracy. It offers a whopping 50GB of free online storage space and provides the same sharing capabilities that you would find in other services. Mega comes from the mind of Kim Dotcom as a replacement for the now defunct MegaUpload. That site was shut down, and this new site aims to become a leader in personal cloud storage with a fresh start. The biggest difference with Mega from all the rest is that it is completely private and encrypted. Once you upload a file, no one can see its contents unless you give them access. This is a great feature for transferring private personal files, and the amount of free space offered means you can send the full 3-hour video from Tommy’s school recital to the whole family and not worry about file size.