digital photo hoarding

digital photo hoarding

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Ryan Foy

I noticed something last time I was at my parent’s house. There, in my mom’s basement, were about 30 file boxes full of photos from the last 40 years, unorganized and untouched. I thought to myself, man it would be fun to go through there and find some excellent Throwback Thursday photos from my childhood. But as always, the weight of trying to sift through piles of unorganized photos got the better of me, and I left telling my mom that she should look into having all her photos scanned into the computer.

Our generation has it easier, but only in the sense that our basements have a little more room in them. We are still hoarders of all of our memories, but our photos don’t take up room in boxes, they take up space on hard drives. Society has always held onto our mementos from the past, but these days we have unlimited storage space. We have to be careful not to end up with a digital basement full of unorganized memories.

There are a ton of options out there for backing up and maintaining your photos and data. You can connect your camera up to wifi so that any photo you take is automatically synced to the cloud. While it is imperative to keep double backups of everything (preferably one in the cloud and one locally) you have to be sure to edit your collections from time to time. Every few months, or after every major life event, you should go through your photos and only save the ones that are worth saving. Back in the days of a 24-exposure roll of film, the number of photos you took was limited, but with digital cameras, you can easily come home from your kid’s graduation with over 100 pictures of the same thing.

Don’t be afraid to edit down what you keep to just the good ones. You wouldn’t print every photo you took, so you don’t need to digitally store every photo either. Keep the photos that are clear and in focus, and that tell the best story. Your children will thank you someday when they can look through your old photo collections with ease.