customizing your smart home

customizing your smart home

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Sarah Khandjian

We all have different families, careers, and schedules so it’s important that our home fit our lifestyle. Customization doesn’t just stop at selecting flooring or kitchen countertops though, it continues into home technology too. If you’re been wanting to dip your toe into having a smart home but weren’t sure exactly how that would fit your needs, here are a few ways you can customize your smart home.

Create custom lighting schedules. This one is huge for us! No longer do you need to walk in the door at night and fumble for the light switch. You can set up a rule and have lights in your home turn on (and off) and a specific time daily or even when certain actions occur like when the front door is opened or when the doorbell rings.

Create custom door codes. Is your friend stopping by borrow a ladder? Or maybe grandma is stopping by this evening? You can create 4 digit codes for people and disable them when you want. This is helpful when you’re having the pet sitter come walk your dog or whenever you want to give someone access to your home without giving them your code.

Use smart schedules on your thermostat. Your thermostat is smarter than you think—if you enable smart schedule on your thermostat it will analyze when you’re home and when you’re away and create a custom heating/cooling schedule for you.

Window sensors aren’t just for windows. Wireless sensors can be placed on just about anything that can be opened and closed. If you want to be notified when the medicine cabinet, gun safe, or liquor cabinet are opened you can place a wireless sensor on it. You can also place a sensor on a trash can to know when Fido decides to be adventurous.

Make a camera record when a certain action is performed. Want to know who is at the door? Create a rule so the camera starts recording when the doorbell rings. Or have the camera record when a certain sensor is opened—like a gun safe.

If your home is smart, why not put it to work and use technology to fit your lifestyle?