Control Smart Home Technology with Your Phone

Control Smart Home Technology with Your Phone

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Renee Sylvestre-Williams

Your phone is a pocket-sized computer. You use it to do everything, including banking, email, maps and even run the smart home technology in your home. If you’ve been considering upgrading your home to a smart one, there are many smart appliances that you can buy — and manage — from your phone.


Are you tired of losing the remote or having five remotes just to enjoy some TV? Ditch the universal remote and turn your phone into one. Televisions come Wi-Fi-enabled, so all you have to do is download an app. Then, click through cable channels and streaming apps.


You could program your lights to go on and off at certain times, but that’s the basic stuff. Now, you can turn lights on and off with a flick of your finger. When you buy a smart lighting system, you gain control over more than just lighting your space. With your phone, control your energy expenditure and sense of security. You’ll never have to wonder whether you forgot to turn the lights on or off when you leave.

Heating and cooling

Thermostats are a great way to control the heating and cooling in your home. Used in tandem with your electricity bill, you can save quite a few dollars. A smart thermostat learns your living habits and determines the best temperature for your home. All this data comes to your phone so you can keep track of your heating and cooling needs and can adjust them accordingly.

Washing machines and dryers

You may not have time to do laundry, but you still need clean clothes. A smart washing machine and dryer lets you start and stop them with your phone, and helps check on it while you’re away.

Coffee machine

Forgot to set the coffee machine before you went to bed? Don’t worry about heading downstairs to the kitchen. Just program it via phone and go to sleep knowing you’ll have fresh coffee in the morning.

Security system

Smart home enhancements let you see who’s at your front door and let people in all from your phone. Other options include being able to open and close the garage door, or even change the code on your front door.

Phones have evolved from just tools to call people. They’re a vital part of your life, and with smart home technology, your phone becomes a essential component of efficiently managing your home.

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