consolidate the chaos

consolidate the chaos

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Heather Mildenstein

With holidays creeping up on us faster than the speed of light, if you’re like me you’d like to organize your life so that you have time for things that really matter.  One way is to eliminate all those papers that are cluttering up your life! Among the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of apps that are supposed to simplify your life, I’ve narrowed it down to a few that can really help that chaos!  Drum roll, please.

Mint (

This is the wizard of budget tracking!  Allocate certain amounts to specific items and Mint will break it down in a visual way.  It will trigger alerts so you know how much is left in your budget at all times.

Evernote (

Planning for a wedding?  If so, you’ve learned quickly that any help staying organized is a gift.  Stay organized across devices and individuals!  You and your spouse-to-be can update the same list.  Another time-saver is that you can assign others by color-coding assignments, and they can even check off items as completed – and you’ll see it.  No more – “Yeah!  I think I did that, Honey…”

Artkive (

The most amazing and complete app for archiving kid’s artwork.  Obviously, there are certain works of art that you’ve just got to keep in that folder or box.  But for the reams of very “special” visual artwork, this can be your answer! You can set up a folder for each child and then file by age, grade and other details.  You can also automatically share their creations with family members or to social media.

Routine App by Coopla (

This is such a great one, especially for those of you that are working from home and don’t want to end up still in your pajamas at the end of the day!  There are those of us who actually need (and want) a list for routines, leaving those every-day activities out of your actual to-do list with errands that are less predictable.  Just add the things you want to do every morning, afternoon, evening, even weekly or annually and it will keep you on track.

Big Oven (

Out of all the recipe apps I’ve tried, this is one of the best recipe organizer, grocery list and menu planners I’ve come across.  It also has recipes organized in Season Collections.  It has made my life so much less cluttered and happy that it’s hard to describe!  Cooking has become a joy.

You’re welcome!  There really is some technology that can make your life easier and less of a chaos.  You, too, can consolidate that chaos into the palm of your hand.