Connect Smart Appliances to Your Home Automation System

Connect Smart Appliances to Your Home Automation System

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Shahrzad Warkentin

Transforming your house into an automated home doesn’t require a complete makeover. With so many new devices coming out, it can seem overwhelming to keep up with all the new technology. However, many of the appliances you already own can easily be integrated into your home automation system. The main benefit is that you’ll save money on purchasing newer devices. Follow these simple steps to turn your ordinary appliances into smart appliances.

Pick your appliances

The first step is to determine which devices you want to convert to smart appliances. While just about anything that plugs into the wall can be converted, it’s helpful to start with items you use regularly that benefit from home automation control, such as lights, televisions, your air conditioner or even your coffee maker. The more often you use an appliance, the more it’ll benefit from smart control.

Start a conversation

To turn your regular appliances into smart ones, you simply need to create a way for the appliances to communicate with your home automation system. Adding plug-in modules between your small appliances and the wall outlet allows direct access with your home automation system. Other devices, such as smart thermostats, can make your normal air conditioner system fully-automated.

Making your appliances smart is as simple as starting a conversation.

Connect to your apps

Once you have installed the necessary devices, you’ll need to set them up on your home automation apps. When your devices are connected, you’ll be able to access and control them from your smartphone or tablet, whether you’re sitting on the couch or at the office.

Personalize your settings

Automating your appliances isn’t simply about being able to turn them on and off remotely. You can program your appliances to become even smarter by utilizing “if this, then that” commands. For example, using a smart thermostat and your home automation system’s sensors, you can create a command in your app settings to have your thermostat raise the cooling temperature when no one’s home. This saves energy and money, so that you don’t need to think about it when you’re running out the door.

Developing a home full of smart appliances has tremendous benefits from increased safety to saving money. With control at the touch of your phone, you can shut off appliances left on accidentally that may create a hazard, adjust your thermostat to save energy and minimize your electricity bills, and simply make life more convenient. A fully automated home, and all the benefits that come with it, doesn’t have to cost you a tremendous amount of money. If you have a system like Vivint’s, you can integrate it easily with the appliances you already have.

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