Back to the Future 30th Anniversary

Back to the Future 30th Anniversary

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Sarah Khandjian

What would Dr. Brown have done with a Vivint system?

 For those of us that are children of the 80s, an important anniversary is coming up—it’s the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future! And while some of you may be feeling like you’ve done some time travel yourself (has it really been thirty years?), it’s fun to think back about the classic movie that made everyone wish they could travel in time.

If you’re unfamiliar with the movie or need a bit or a refresher, Dr. Brown is teenager Marty McFly’s scientist friend who is always tinkering around with something. He’s on the cutting edge of new technology and even way ahead of his time; he did outfit a DeLorean to become a time travel vehicle after all.

What do you think Dr. Brown would do if he really traveled to 2015? I’m confident he would have been amazed by the technology we have today! While we don’t have hoverboards yet, we do have smart phones, smart watches, and even smart homes. I bet he would have loved to have a Vivint Smart Home system. Here are some ways Dr. Brown would have used a Vivint system:

Doorbell Camera: Dr. Brown would never have to leave his workshop. When the parts for his flux capacitor arrived, he could  tell the delivery man to put the package inside the front door which he would unlock right from his phone with his Vivint app.

Lamp Modules: After returning from a time-travel trip, I am sure he hated coming home to a dark house. If Dr. Brown had a Vivint system, I bet he would use the lamp modules to turn on lights at 6 pm every night, so no matter what time he arrived home, there would be a light on waiting for him.

Recorded Video Clips: Great Scott! When Dr. Brown forgot how many gigawatts the flux capacitor needed he could have opened his Vivint app and watch a recorded clip. 1.21 gigawatts, of course!

Vivint Sky Panel: With Vivint’s Sky Panel and the small appliance module, Dr. Brown wouldn’t need all of those clocks anymore. He could set schedules to start his toaster (no more burnt toast), feed Einstien and check if there are any more news stories on stolen plutonium.

24/7 award-winning security monitoring: With all those Libyan terrorists lurking around, Dr. Brown would need peace of mind while he traveled through time. With a Vivint system, he would have been able to rest easy knowing that the Libyans stood no chance getting past Vivint.

How do you think Dr. Brown would have used a Vivint system?