Automated Home Systems Make Guest House Temperature Control a Breeze

Automated Home Systems Make Guest House Temperature Control a Breeze

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John Lister

When you own a second property, such as a guest house that you rent out, automated home systems offer the simplest way to reduce unnecessary trips back and forth. Remotely controlling heat settings knocks another task off your to-do list and makes it easier to deal with your guests’ needs.

Set it and forget it

With a smart home automation system, choose between a range of programs and automatic adjustments. You can sit at your home and still know the temperature is just right and not wasting energy in the guest house.

Smart systems go beyond a simple thermostat dial. You can set a timed program so the property isn’t heated unnecessarily when unoccupied but doesn’t drop to a freezing point in winter and put you at risk of burst pipes. With automated systems, you can set the fan to run even when the heating or cooling isn’t active, meaning you keep air circulating and avoid musty atmospheres or mold that puts off guests.

If you have a smart home system that includes locks, set the system to automatically adjust the temperature when a guest locks the door. This means you don’t have to rely on them being as conscientious as you are about your energy bills.

Remote control

Sometimes, you’ll want to make changes to a guest house’s heating system that override the standard program, but traveling to the property feels like a total hassle. Look for automated home systems that let you remotely control the temperature through a smartphone or tablet app or a web interface. That way you’ll be able to respond instantly if a guest has a concern. You can also change the heating schedule if a guest cancels or takes an unscheduled booking at the last minute.

A bedroom in a guest house.

Guest access

If you’re renting out a guest house, particularly for longer periods, you might want to give renters added control of heating. This could mean using a simple, intuitive touchscreen control system that’s available with some smart home systems. This way, your guests are spared the hassle of trying to figure out complicated controls or rifling around your drawers looking for the instruction manual.

For that added touch, give your guests the ability to control heating with their own smartphones or tablets so they can make sure they come back to a warm property after a long day, no matter their schedule.

The solution here is to look for a home automation app that gives a more granular level of control over who can do what. You can make it easy for a guest to install the control app on their device and gain the ability to tweak the heating, but block them from accessing other features or adding guest users. Make sure also to look for systems that make it easy to switch off access privileges, so that you can do so when a guest’s stay ends.

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