Are Wireless Security Cameras Right for Your Home?

Are Wireless Security Cameras Right for Your Home?

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Sayeh Pezeshki

There are two main options for a security camera system: wireless and hard-wired. If you’ve made the decision to install a security camera system, decide what’s the best choice for you.

Wireless security cameras

The cost to go wireless is a lot less than having a hard-wired system installed, and this can be an important factor in decision making. At the same time, this doesn’t need to be professionally installed, which some people find to be a headache. Set a time to wait for someone else to do it all day or follow a few easy instructions and set things up yourself.

Most wireless systems have apps you manage straight from your phone and make it easy to manage. It can also make things easy for multiple family members to check in.

In a nutshell, wireless security cameras are easy to install, relatively inexpensive and easier to manage. The downsides are that they’re internet-based, so it can leave you open to possible vulnerabilities if the system goes down.

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Wired security cameras

These cameras are more expensive than wireless, since the system doesn’t operate digitally. Also, they’re typically more expensive and come with fewer options. These will need to be professionally installed, which can affect both cost and create a hassle. For others, it’s easier to have someone else deal with having this system installed.

Wired systems need to be managed differently and usually through older technologies. However, the biggest benefit about wired systems is that they’re not dependent on your internet connection. The likelihood of being hacked or the system being offline is pretty low.

So, which one is best for you? Depending on what your needs are, you can go either way. If you want something set up quickly, easily and on the cheap, then you want to go wireless. If you’re looking for a long-term investment and don’t mind the hassles that come with a wired camera system, then wired may be for you.

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