apps to help children study

apps to help children study

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Jennifer Cooper

Sometimes when I look at my kids’ homework, I’m completely confused. Integers? Dangling participles? Multiplying fractions? It’s been so long since I’ve been in school, that I’ve gotten seriously rusty.Thankfully, there are apps to help both me and the kids. Education apps are plentiful, but what’s out there that will really come in handy when you need to study? Here are five apps that will help:



Algebra Touch

Struggling with algebraic concepts like elimination and distribution? This app lets students drag different parts of the equation around to solve for a variable.  And both kids and parents can create their own problems to play around with and solve.

Language Arts

Sentence Builder

Winner of the IEAR.or Language Arts App of the Year, Sentence Builder teaches kids how to build grammatically correct sentences. There’s also a more advanced version for teens.


Science Glossary by Visionlearning, Inc

What’s the difference between a covalent bond and an iconic bond? Look it up on the Science Glossary app. This app supports the Visionlearning, Inc which provide free bilingual educational materials in science, technology, engineering and math.

Social Studies

National Geographic World Atlas Map

Not only does this app allow you to study continents and countries, students can use it to look up facts and flags for each country.

Time Management


Organizing all the homework can be a huge chore for students. inClass helps keeps students on track to make sure all assignments are handed in on time. Geared for students in middle school and up.