apps your car will love

apps your car will love

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Sara Seamons

There really is an app for everything, and that includes your wheels. If you’ve ever needed help remembering your next oil change, getting stuff done in the car, finding cheap gas, or getting to your ride in a sea of parked cars, look no further! Here are just a few car-related apps that people love—and you probably will too . . .

  • Car Care—This little app can track your car’s fuel economy, track service on your car, and remind you when you need to get your next oil change, tire rotation, wax, etc. You also get detailed stats on your mileage, learn how to alter your driving to make your tank last longer, and get a breakdown of how different fuel types perform in your car.
  • GasBuddy—This one is a must have. The GasBuddy app leads you to the nearest and cheapest gas available whenever you need to fill up. The app is based on user-submitted data, and if you contribute, you can earn points toward cool giveaway prizes. GasBuddy gives out a $250 gift card every week.
  • Find My Car Smarter—This app, along with apps like Honk and Carrr Matey, help you figure out where you parked so you don’t have to wander around parking garages or strange neighborhoods ever again. Many of these apps also track the amount of time left on your parking meter and help you locate nearby ATMs, parking garages, and gas stations.
  • Text’nDrive Pro—Designed to beat the urge to text while you’re driving, this app helps you get stuff done and keep your hands on wheel. Text’nDrive can read your emails out loud and allows you to speak your reply. The app can also convert your reply into a text and send it, no thumbs required.
  • Trapster—This app is a speeder’s best friend and very popular among my group of friends. Trapster is a crowd-sourced community app that allows other drivers to report police car sightings and identify popular speed traps so you can avoid danger zones and know when to slow down. But of course the only way to guarantee you’ll never get a speeding ticket is to actually drive the speed limit. Ahem.

For even more awesome, car-savvy apps, check out this webpage. What apps do you and your car love?