apps for taking daily medicine

apps for taking daily medicine

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Kait Kucy

No matter how organized we all may be, one thing that seems to be the hardest to remember is taking our daily vitamins and/or medicine. Whether it is for your kids, yourself or your elderly relative that you help take care of, you can never be too careful or vigilant with your health.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, there are many apps out there that help you do exactly that. Whether it is keeping track of your prescriptions, making sure you take your daily pills or looking up your new medication for more information, there is an app for each of these things – some even multi-task! We’ve rounded up our favourite five apps that make it so easy to stay on track with your health needs.

Vitamin Reminder

The Vitamin Reminder is a super helpful app that reminds you with alerts to take your vitamins and supplements. You can even schedule different vitamins at different times or days of the week.

Pill Reminder

The Pill Reminder is everything you need in a refill reminder app. Not only does it remind you to take your pills but it also tells you to refill your prescription. Another helpful feature of this app is that it records the information about your medicine including side effects and dosage.

Pill Manager

Keep a solid history of all of your medications and prescriptions with the Pill Manager which allows you to refill your medications from online. It’s reminder system also makes sure you never forget to take a pill.


A drug and medication guide right on your phone, the iPharmacy app catalogues everything you need and want to know about your medications and supplements. Reference your Rx to get more information about how to take your drug. The Pill Identifier helps you search for the color, shape and imprints on pills you may have at home already.

RxmindMe Prescription/Medicine Reminder and Pill Tracker

This easy to use app is the perfect tool to keep track of what pills and supplements you have taken each day. You can enter your daily dosage and even schedule other medications like taking a nasal spray or vitamins.