8 Benefits of Cloud Computing

8 Benefits of Cloud Computing

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Lauren B. Stevens

If you’ve ever had a computer stolen or a virus attack your hard drive, you’ve likely familiarized yourself with the benefits of cloud computing to safeguard against losing your most important files and documents. If you’re not familiar with the concept, cloud computing is simply storing and managing your data over the internet, rather than on your computer.

The internet has come a long way, with cloud storage coming on the scene in 2008. More people are converting to cloud computing because of its ease of use, low cost and added security. If you’re considering transitioning to cloud storage, read on to discover the benefits of cloud computing.

1. Accessibility

One of the greatest benefits of cloud computing is the accessibility of your information. Trying to settle on a home while you’re visiting another continent is no problem. Cloud storage allows you to access your personal files anywhere there’s internet service.

2. Security

Using cloud storage for personal or sensitive files is often more secure than local storage, which can be at risk if your computer is lost or stolen. Most cloud solutions automatically encrypt uploaded data, securing information once it’s entered into storage.

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3. Less waste

You can finally ditch that clunky filing cabinet that takes up valuable space in your office. Cloud computing allows you to store all your important files, most of which are now transmitted electronically, on a server outside of your home.

4. Disaster recovery

The most personalized benefits of cloud computing is the ability to recover valuable files in the event of flood or fire. With cloud computing, you can focus your attention on repairing or rebuilding your home, instead of mourning the loss of valuable documents.

5. Confident backup

Securing family photographs and important legal documents in cloud storage is a reliable way of backing up files that are traditionally stored locally. Should your computer or external drive be damaged or corrupted, cloud computing ensures you have a secure, off-site backup.

6. Storage

With cloud computing, your storage capacity is limitless and automatic backups alleviate the need to remember to switch out tapes or manually perform an information backup with external drives. If you’re using smart home technology, your settings and wireless video files can be stored in the cloud for easy accessibility.

7. Cost

Using cloud storage lowers data storage costs by eliminating additional hardware, such as external hard drives or data sticks. For a minimal monthly fee, you’re able to store and access all your information in one place.

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8. Sharing

Cloud computing allows you to easily share files with friends, associates and family. Eager to share photos of your wedding or new baby? You can easily share file folders, accessible to friends, without the heft of traditionally transmitted electronic files.

The list of benefits of cloud computing is virtually endless, but these are a few that can greatly aid you at home. Vivint’s cloud storage options can help you store important files more securely, make them more accessible and give you peace of mind.

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