6 acts of digital kindness

6 acts of digital kindness

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Chelsea Foy

I’ll be honest—I love communicating through technology. Don’t get me wrong! I love participating in the offline world as well, but there’s something that’s just so fun about getting that little ping when someone texts you. So I’ve collected a few awesome ways to send a little kindness in the digital world, whether they’re time-savers, loving gestures, or just for fun.

Send a meal. The TLC Kitchen is an awesome website that facilitates sending hot meals to people who might need an extra helping hand. You can send a get-well meal, a congratulatory meal, or a sympathy meal, and they’ll show up hot and ready at the doorstop of the person you choose.

Send an e-gift card. So many of my favorite companies have this feature now, and it’s so handy! I received one over Christmas, and it was such a sweet, unexpected gesture. You can find quite a few choices here, or go to your favorite store’s website. Just be careful that the gift card doesn’t end up in the spam folder of the recipient—it might be wise to give them a heads-up that it’s on the way.

Gift a song. iTunes has an awesome feature that lets you give the gift of music! Buy a song and share it with a pal to send them some inspiration for the day.

Set an alarm. Many cell phones have alarm features that let you assign text to an alarm. Sneak a fun message onto your spouse’s or friend’s cell phone to greet them when they wake up or have an important appointment reminder.

Send a funny card. These e-cards have been making the rounds for a while now, but they never stop amusing me! Send one to a friend just because, and I can almost guarantee it’ll give them a reason to stop and laugh during a busy day.

Say hello. Sometimes a kind text is all I need for a little pick-me-up. A friend texted recently when something she saw reminded her of me, and it was touching and thoughtful. If you’re thinking of someone, let them know!

What other ways do you use technology to show kindness? We’d love to add some to our list, so leave a comment and let us know!