Why Your Home Needs a Smart Lock

Why Your Home Needs a Smart Lock

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Lolly Spindler

If you’ve decided to automate your home, it’s a good idea to start with the front door. Installing a smart lock is the way to go, but how do you come up with a password and how many codes should you have? Here’s a look at why this product is so useful and when you should limit the number of passwords you have.

The perks of a smart lock

Why should you install smart locks in the first place? These technologically advanced locks let you lock and unlock your doors from the next room or the next state. The secure technology protects your home against unauthorized entry, and you’ll have access to alerts and notifications so you’ll know when the door is left unlocked. You can even pair your smart lock with a doorbell camera to see who’s at your front door before you unlock it.

The power of codes

Your code should be easy to remember, but not easy to guess. Longer codes are better than shorter ones, as they’ll be more difficult for others to figure out. Instead of coming up with numbers at random, you may want to use the layout of the keypad itself to create a code. This can be done by choosing numbers on the corners or down the middle of the keypad, or ones that create a word or pattern.

a door handle and lock

So how many lock codes do you need to come up with? This depends on your personal preferences and how many people need to access your home. If it’s just you, a single code works just fine. Just add one for visitors and guests. If you have multiple family members, they may have an easier time remembering their own codes, so they should decide on their numbers, Make sure they memorize each code so there aren’t any lockout problems later. On the other hand, if too many codes complicate everyone getting into the house successfully, come up with one code that’ll be easy for everyone to remember.

These incredible locks can help protect both your house and your family. They can also make it easy to unlock your door when friends and family arrive, but you’re not back at the house yet.

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