travel emergency kit

travel emergency kit

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Alix Adams

Whether you are piling in the car for a road trip, catching a flight to the beach, or boarding a cruise ship to Greece, it is important to be prepared for emergencies that may occur. A travel emergency is the kind of emergency that might catch you off guard. You are busy sipping pina coladas on the beach when in blows a hurricane. Or your are in Thailand and that spicy food would go good with some heartburn medication you left at home. Perhaps you are in Paris and accidently slice your hand on an Eiffel Tower postcard.  Car breaks down. Credit card declines . . . you get the picture. A lot could go wrong. What you need is a Travel Emergency Kit! Here are a few suggestions for what to keep in your kit so when accident strikes you are prepared.


It’s always a good idea to keep some cash on you when traveling. Relying solely on credit cards and traveler’s checks may end in you being stranded without a means of exchange. Some travel agents suggest you carry enough cash to buy an alternate plane ticket and to carry two different denominations. Make sure to include small bills and coins for tips and trading.


You will want to keep several ID documents in your travel emergency kit includeding your passport and driver’s license. It’s a good idea to make a copy of all these docs and keep them in a different place from your passport just in case you lose the originals.

First Aid

A simple first aid kit is always worth stashing in your travel kit. A simple sanitation wipe can help prevent infection from an accidental cut or scrape. I suggest you include the following items in your first aid kit: Band-Aids, sunscreen, painkillers and prescription medications, laxatives and anti-diarrhea medications, gauze, latex gloves, and antibacterial wipes.


You never know when you may need an extra outfit on vacation. Perhaps your luggage was lost but luckily you have an extra set of clothes in your carry-on. Maybe you left the resort and got stuck in a rainstorm, but you are not stuck with drenched clothes because you brought some extras.

Other supplies

No one wants stinky pits from a 12-hour layover. Don’t forget to include travel-sized soap and toothpaste along with deodorant, a toothbrush, washcloth, toilet paper, and feminine sanitary supplies in your kit. No access to electricity for several hours? Packing a USB battery for computers or a battery pack for phones can help you avoid dead computers and phones. Other items that my be helpful include: a flashlight with batteries, a whistle, two-way radios, an empty or full water bottle, water purification tablets, and snacks.

Keep in mind where you are traveling. If you’re going on a road trip, your kit should include car stuff (road flairs, a spare tire, a jack, etc.). If you’re traveling to a country with spicy foods, think about stomach medications. A trip to Indonesia may require you carry your passport, but a trip to North Dakota may require you to include an emergency sleeping bag. Travel safe!

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