tips for halloween fire safety

tips for halloween fire safety

Written By

Lexy Ward

Halloween is just around the corner! And that means that it’s time to carve the pumpkins! Jack-o-lanterns are THE Halloween mascot. It can be a little dangerous lighting them up so here are a few tips to help you keep the porch lit safely!

  • Protect the candles! Use small tea lights placed in clear glass votives. This will help protect the candle from the wind and the flame can be contained. It also helps prevent the candle from tipping and falling over!
  • Check hourly! Never leave the candles unattended. While it is fun to keep your pumpkins lit all night, if you’re not going to be home, don’t light them! It’s safe to light them when you are home, but make sure to check the candles every hour to prevent accidents.
  • Keep pets and children away! This seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many pumpkin carving and lighting accidents involving children and pets are reported.
  • Keep decorations away! Many store-bought Halloween decorations are highly flammable. Make sure to keep them away from lit pumpkins.
  • Choosing a battery operated light is a safer option when lighting your pumpkin. Unattended candles burn through quickly and aren’t completely safe. With a battery operated light, not only are you being safe, you can achieve lighting effects that you can’t get from a candle. This includes multiple color effects, strobe and LED lighting are just a few of the options at your disposal! If you can’t find a battery operated light, try a glowstick!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!