storing prescriptions

storing prescriptions

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Sarah Khandjian

When you think of home safety, door and window sensors probably come to mind. And you probably think of them being used in conjunction with an alarm system, right? While that’s often to most popular use for them, they can also be used to provide non-emergency alerts to make your home safer too. They can be used to help you keep an eye on sensitive areas like the place where you store medications.

Vivint’s door and window sensors are wireless and can be mounted with adhesive strips making them the perfect tool for monitoring your medicine cabinet or wherever you keep medical prescriptions. You connect them with your Vivint system so they are provide you with non-emergency alerts when the box, cabinet, or drawer with medications is opened. This means you will be alerted by a text message or a push notification on your smart phone when the box is opened. This is really easy way to monitor when elderly parents take their medications and it’s a great way to be notified immediately when sensitive areas are opened.

The wireless sensors can also be used to monitor other sensitive areas in your home such as liquor and gun cabinets and even not-so-sensitive areas like treat drawers. All you have to do is contact a customer representative today to order additional door and window sensors for your home. They can also help you get them set up with your current system so you can start using them immediately.

Who knew something you already were using could be used in a new way to protect your family?