santa’s list of christmas safety tips

santa’s list of christmas safety tips

Written By

Sara Seamons

Tune up your sleigh before you leave
Keep a 72 hour kit, a flashlight, and chains in your toy bag
Turn off all appliances and close the workshop garage door
Ask the polar bears to get your mail and keep an eye on the house
Don’t set your thermostat below 55°F—the pipes and Mrs. Clause could freeze
Wear long underwear under your suit on cold December nights
Feed the reindeer before leaving

Salt the sidewalks so penguins don’t go sliding
Sharpen the carving knives before making Christmas dinner
Lock the doors and windows to keep Jack Frost out
Keep window treatment cords and Christmas decorations out of reach of little elves
Install a Vivint security system and put the sign where naughty list members can see it
Make sure milk hasn’t been sitting out all night
Leave coal presents in stockings

Keep a fire extinguisher on hand just in case your beard bursts into flames
Make sure the elves don’t overload the sockets with too many lights
Check the water levels in all the brown Christmas trees you see
Never leave gingerbread-scented candles burning unattended—especially near curtains and tinsel
Use a timer to make sure Mrs. Clause’s cookies don’t burn to a crisp
Check the North Pole’s smoke detectors and change the batteries
Check for fire before going down the chimney