safety in the great outdoors

safety in the great outdoors

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Alix Adams

In my neighborhood, the snow falls as much as the sun shines, so when summer comes around it’s hard to keep us inside. Hiking has to be one of our favorite activities and, although I have an unrealistic fear of being attacked by a raccoon, it would take a lot of hiking disasters to keep me away from the great outdoors. Perhaps the outdoor misfortunes are in short supply because we play safe and smart. How do you play it safe and smart in the great outdoors? You may ask. Why do you fear raccoons? You’re wondering. Well, to the former I say: keep reading! To the latter I say: wish I knew. Annnnyway . . . these are a few rules we follow when adventuring outdoors to ensure your safety:

1. We always stick together or only venture alone where we have cell service and our dog, Jada. Sometimes when camping there this no cell service so we bring a radio (with extra batteries). You may get turned around outdoors and having a means of communication is a great safety measure.

2. We pick hikes and outdoor adventures that fit out fitness level (but still give us a good workout). We also keep in mind that one of us is always wearing a toddler backpack. Many injuries and incidences in the outdoors occur because of overexertion and falls. No need to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro this weekend! Keep your hikes simple and attainable. It also helps to pick hikes where you know where you are going. Maps for almost any hike can be found online nowadays and it may be a good idea to use them.

3. We dress for the weather and plan for all weather. Utah is famous for snow, rain, and sunny rainbows all within the same hour, so we bring light jackets (easy to carry), sunblock, bug repellant, extra socks, and toddler essentials (extra outfit, hat, coat, and diapers) just to be safe.

4. Depending on the length of the hike, we sometimes bring a snack. I can’t overstate the importance a nutritional mid-hike snack for a toddler!