Home Security Tips for a Stress-free Vacation

Home Security Tips for a Stress-free Vacation

We all look forward to a nice family vacation, but it’s natural to worry about your home while you’re away. Let’s look at some home security tips to help you leave feeling relaxed and confident that your property is safe and protected.


Choose home automation

If you can’t arrange for a close friend or relative to house-sit while you’re on vacation, you can deter burglar by giving the impression someone’s home. With a home automation system, you can program your lights to come on at certain times, such as for a few hours in the morning and evening. Anyone watching your home will assume it’s occupied.

A smart home also lets you check in at any time and from any location. Using your smartphone or tablet, you can monitor your property and detect intruders with automated cameras, enable your locks remotely and ensure the house is properly alarmed.

Should someone need to gain entry to feed a pet or water the plants, you can let them in via your device and then relock and realarm the property as soon as they leave.

Additionally, make access to your house as difficult as possible to an intruder. If they see a flashing alarm box on the wall inside and multiple locks to work through — driveway gates or a locked porch door that leads to your front door, for example — they’ll think twice about breaking in.

If you have bikes or other valuable sports equipment in a shed or garage, don’t forget to protect those buildings with automated home security, too.

Most people cancel or postpone deliveries while they’re away, but this may not be necessary if you have a Vivint doorbell camera. It lets you talk to any delivery guys via your smartphone, instruct them to leave the parcel in your garage, unlock the door for them and relock it once they leave.

Cover the basics

In addition to protecting your home with smart solutions, there are lots of simple, practical and low-tech home security tips you can employ, such as:

  • Put locks on all your gates, buildings and windows.
  • Pull down the shutters on your windows and doors.
  • Put up a “beware of the dog” sign — even if you don’t have a dog!
  • Install a loud, crunchy gravel driveway to draw attention as people approach.

Deter an intruder by having a crunchy gravel driveway

Don’t tell everyone you’re going to be away, only the people who need to know. Social media often makes us overshare our whereabouts, so be careful not to announce to the world that your home will be empty for the next week or two.

Try to remove any obvious signs that you’re absent. Leave your curtains or blinds open or partially open — nothing looks more obvious than closed curtains during the day — and see if a friend or neighbor can remove any newspapers from your mailbox and water your porch plants to keep them from wilting. If you have time, mow your lawn before you leave; it’ll make it look like someone’s tending to the place, not to mention making your life easier when you return.

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