Here’s Why You Need a Glass Break Detector

Here’s Why You Need a Glass Break Detector

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Andy Sowards

You usually don’t think about glass breaking at home, but it happens. Baseballs can go flying and knock out the kitchen window, leaving your floor covered in shattered glass. That type of incident is easy to detect — someone sees it or hears it — but there are also ones no one may notice. That’s where a Vivint glass break detector comes in handy.

Here are just a few examples of why it’s important to detect broken glass the moment it happens.

Prevent injuries to children

If you have small children in your home, it’s better to find the broken glass before they do. Having a glass break detector in your home can help minimize the risk of kids being injured by shards of glass. Your home is much safer if you know when and where glass breaks happen.

Vivint glass break system

Keep your home secure

It can be easy to overlook glass break detectors with smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in every home. However, if someone manages to sneak through your defenses and break a window quietly, you may be unaware of the forced entry without the glass break alert. To really catch burglars in the act no matter what they planned, integrate a smart glass break detector into your smart home security regimen right now.

Broken window with shattered glass

Stay safe during inclement weather

The worst time to have a broken window is during a severe storm. Fix all window breaks before big storms hit so the elements don’t impact your home, causing costly water damage to your smart home setup. If the winds are strong enough to break the windows, the alarms would go off and you can retreat to the safest spot in the home. Being prepared beforehand is always the best prevention of these situations, and having a detector is a big part of it.

For more on how to protect your home with smart tech, contact Vivint today.