Halloween Isn’t Scary With Smart Locks

Halloween Isn’t Scary With Smart Locks

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Penelope Guzman

A doorbell camera is one of the most useful aspects of a smart home, providing both safety and convenience with smart locks, monitoring and the convenience of knowing when it’s necessary to stop a task to answer the door. These tools allow homeowners to not only see who rings the bell, but communicate with the touch of a button.

It’s a convenient smart home feature year-round. The doorbell camera is especially useful during Halloween when trick-or-treaters are constantly parading to a home’s front door. Here are some tips to help homeowners get through the holiday without wreaking havoc on their doorbell camera.

Halloween doesn’t have to be scary for homeowners

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A doorbell camera provides homeowners a sense of security, so if you’re expecting a delivery or guests, check who’s ringing the bell from anywhere via the Vivint smartphone app. This connects to the camera, so you can see who it is from another floor or even while at work. Smart locks give you the power to let people in while keeping trick-or-treaters — or any opportunistic, unfriendly goblins — outside and away from your family and possessions.

If you aren’t expecting anyone, a great way to prevent overuse of the doorbell camera is to leave treats outside the front door with a sign directing children to help themselves. If the bell rings, you know it’s someone who isn’t seeking treats, or that the treats ran out and it’s time to restock.

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Treat seekers — or tricksters?

Halloween is a time of year when less-than-desirable tricks may take place, so safety is a priority. A doorbell camera and smart locks can keep a family safe until the witching hours are over. Keep the camera app open to see who’s coming and going, even if they don’t ring the bell. Make use of any security cameras on the premises to see outside the visual field of the front door.

Two-way communication allows homeowners an extra level of convenience, so if anyone on Halloween is persistently ringing, you can talk to them without ever opening the door.

Speak with a Vivint representative today to start preparing for Halloween.