gutter cleaning 101

gutter cleaning 101

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Lexy Ward

As a teen, I was always asked by my parents to clean the gutters. And, boy, did I always do it wrong. I was so eager to get done so I could hang with my friends. Quickly hosing out the leaves does not mean a job well done. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get your gutters cleaned the safe way.

Use a sturdy ladder. Hanging out on the roof while reaching down to the gutters just begs for trouble. Use a ladder that will allow you to safely reach the gutters while firmly standing on two feet.

Remove leaves with your hands, NOT a hose. Wearing a good pair of gloves, remove all the goop and leaves yourself. The dead leaves make great compost, so store in a bag to be used later.

Check for leaks. After you’ve cleared the gutters, flush with water to check for any leaks and seal with gutter caulk. If you’re unsure how, here is a great video on youtube!

Check and replace spikes. The spikes work their way out as time goes by, so make sure you check and replace any loose spikes. Also check to make sure they are securely attached to the rafters.

Check the rivets on the downspout and replace if needed.

Spray water down the downspout with a hose. If the water comes out slower than being sprayed, there is a clog. If there is a clog, remove the sprayer attachment from the hose and work the hose up the downspout to clear any debris.

Check to make sure all gutters are securely attached to the house.

Rinse and repeat. Once all the leaves and debris have been moved to the best of your ability, use a hose with a sprayer attached to rinse out the tracks.

Make sure to properly dispose of all debris properly. Leaves can be used to create compost and all old rivets should be thrown away!