fireworks safety

fireworks safety

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Ryan Foy

When I was a kid, we had an unfortunate incident around the 4th of July where my dad accidentally set fire to the neighbor’s bushes with a Roman candle. Ever since, I have been particularly aware of the dangers associated with putting on your own fireworks display.  Here is a handy guide for staying safe while celebrating our nation’s independence.

–       Laws vary from state to state in regards to what kind of fireworks are allowed, so first and foremost, make sure you know the rules for your city and state.

–       Many states also have firework bans based on the weather. If your region is having a particularly dry season, you may want to skip the home fireworks this year. Remember, only you can prevent forest fires!

–       Only purchase fireworks from an authorized retailer. If you see a guy on the side of the road selling them out of the back of his truck, you are just asking for one of them to misfire and blow you up.

–       Never try to make your own fireworks! I know that there are probably plenty of online tutorials on how to make a great fireworks display at home, but yikes. Just yikes.

–       Store your fireworks in a cool dry place. The last thing you want is your garden shed going up in flames like Wile E. Coyote’s house.

–       Clear the area. When you are ready to start your fireworks display, make sure you are a good distance from any buildings, cars, people, and anything you don’t want to start on fire.

–       Keep a bucket of water and a fire extinguisher close by. Keep an eye out for misfires or duds. Don’t try to relight a malfunctioning firework; instead soak it in the bucket of water and then throw it out. After you are done with your fireworks, always soak them in water before you throw them out. Nobody needs a flaming trashcan.

–       Here are the common sense tips that I feel obliged to say, even though you should know them already: Don’t give fireworks to small children. Don’t carry fireworks in your pocket. Don’t shoot fireworks off in your hand. Don’t throw lit fireworks at other people. Don’t let anyone who has had too much to drink be in charge of the fireworks.

All in all, staying safe with fireworks is mostly about common sense. If you want to keep all your fingers and not burn down your house, just stay smart and safe. The safest fireworks display is a professional one that can enjoy from the safety of your own picnic blanket far away from the blast zone.