firework cleanup

firework cleanup

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Alix Adams

 Very few of us in the spirit of patriotism would throw a bag of garbage out of our moving car onto the side of the road. Nor would we toss paper debris in front of our neighbor’s yard and yell out a cheerful “Happy 4th of July!”. Yet in celebration of a Nation’s birth we light dozens of fireworks, dance around the yard with our sparklers, enjoy each others’ company, and then bid a late goodnight without cleaning up the mess we made all over our streets. Plenty of responsible people out there make sure to ignite and dispose of fireworks responsibly…but we all know a couple celebrators who may need a friendly reminder to keep our nation clean on it’s birthday. Here are a few tips on how to clean up firework debris so we can play, but responsibly:

1. Water buckets

It’s a great idea to keep a bucket full of water close to where you are lighting fireworks. This serves the dual purpose of being an emergency fire extinguisher and temporary used-firework garbage. To avoid any garbage fires, after a firework is complete you can dunk it in the water and toss it right into the garbage can.

2. Don’t take your time

Having a clean freak collect chunks of fireworks while someone is igniting new fireworks is probably not a safe system. It’s totally understandable to wait until the firework festivities have ended before picking up after yourself. You may, however, want to get a head start on clean up that night for the sake of efficiency. Waking up to a giant firework graveyard could be discouraging and a reason for procrastination.

3. Be neighborly

Sometimes we do things just to be a good neighbor. Encourage a neighborly spirit with your neighbors and with our land by taking responsibility for you mess. And remember to have fun! This is a birthday party after all!

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