computer security 101

computer security 101

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Kait Kucy

How careful are you with your home computer? Do you often leave it precariously balancing on a stack of pillows on your sofa? Did you leave the room to do something, meanwhile leaving a full glass of red wine right next it and the cat ready to jump? Or perhaps you have your computer set up in your front window, with the blinds wide open?

Whether you are careful or not, there are always more ways to protect your computer from physical or personal harm. I am offering up some tips today to ensure that your beloved lifeline to the world stays safe – in all senses of the word.

Physical Security

Ideally, in your home you would have a designated workspace to keep your home computer or laptop in. That means a desk or tabletop, away from other distractions of the home where your kids can focus on homework or you can take care of your home office needs.

This set-up also means somewhere that the computer can hopefully avoid physical harm, for example, away from water or glass. While we don’t all have homes that have rooms specifically for a home office, you can easily create a nook somewhere that will keep your tech gear out of the way of running sinks, hot oil splattering or heater vents.

Personal Security

Even more important than protecting your tech gear from physical harm is protecting your computer from personal harm. Establishing a personal security routine for your home computer can rest your mind at ease, especially if you live in home with roommates or have big windows that leave you feeling exposed.

Again setting up a designated area for your computer is easy to do. If you share a space with roommates, you’ll probably want to keep your computer in your own room. I recommend putting a password on your computer for extra protection and privacy. Keep all valuables, especially laptops or desktop computers out of windows and high traffic areas. It seems like common sense to do this, but at 11pm at night after you’ve put in some solid overtime hours on the computer you may totally forget to put your computer away from the window where you working.